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The OSIRIS Project

The OSIRIS Project (Project) is an asset of the company Osiris Media Productions, LLC (Company).  The Project functions as an intermediary for grantors, grant writers, donors, and other individuals interested in supporting or partnering with the Company in any capacity.  We are confident that the Company can help individuals and groups with similar or shared interests as the Company's Business Philosophy and Mission Statement to help them achieve their various agendas pursuant to the fostering and promotion of global security, civil society, and individual sovereignty.


Osiris Media Productions, LLC (OSIRIS) is a global information agency based out of Central Florida, USA.  The tri-fold Mission of OSIRIS is to foster and promote global security, civil society, and individual sovereignty around the world.


The OSIRIS Philosophy presupposes that the three core values - defined in our Mission Statement - are intricate, interconnected, and inseparable.  That is, we suggest that the significance of one inherently and necessarily hinges upon and flows into the other two . . .

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OSIRIS seeks to foster and promote global security by providing intelligence resources to enable policy-makers, industry leaders, and every-day citizens to execute well-informed decisions based on timely, accurate, and relevant data.

By contributing to global security, these intelligence products also enable communities to embrace the civil society model.  Since civility is more than just the absence of conflict, OSIRIS promotes theories and practices that contribute to ongoing societal stability.

Also by contributing to global security, OSIRIS products enhance audiences' individual sovereignty.  A revolutionary concept of the Enlightenment Era, individual sovereignty is a sacred value that, once forgotten, can enable the proliferation of tyranny and totalitarianism anywhere in the world.


OSIRIS seeks to foster and promote civil society by providing information resources for civic leaders, educators, students, and every-day citizens to further their understanding on how a plurality of non-governmental institutions and time-tested mores helps reinforce a limited and non-abusive governmental infrastructure.

We suggest that civil society consists of an intricate web of many constructs, which are, among other things, freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas; extra-governmental institutions of peace and order; time-tested mores and social behavior; community-oriented religious groups; as well as secular volunteer-oriented and non-compulsory community service initiatives.

By contributing to civil society, OSIRIS information products also foster and promote global security; because the more civility that a society exhibits, the less likely it will experience armed conflict, violent crime, and acts of terrorism.  Furthermore, we suggest that the promotion of civil society necessitates the preservation of individual sovereignty.



OSIRIS seeks to foster and promote individual sovereignty by providing educational resources for students, instructors, parents, ministers, and other community leaders to introduce and reinforce the schemata of human value, self-worth, inherit potential, and divine-like dignity.

Fostering and promoting individual sovereignty is also pivotal for OSIRIS given that it is here - at the epicenter of the individual human being - that society collectively gains its best ideas and derives its greatest experiences.  The scope of possibilities, responsibility, potential, worth, and contribution of an individual is astounding, the sovereignty of whom must be regarded and taught in a free society to preserve the essential rails of liberty, from which a higher quality of life is wont to spring.

These concepts follow that individual sovereignty reinforces global security and civil society because when individuals realize their inherit value, potential, and self-worth, they are less likely to cause harm to others (whether tangibly or intangibly) and are more likely to engage in courses of action (however large or small) that contribute to safer communities.  We suggest that as people experience a higher quality of life, they are less likely to commit acts of terror, violence, suicide or other forms of self-inflicted harm.



The methodology that OSIRIS utilizes to fulfill its Mission Statement entails the provision of products and services that comport with its Business Philosophy.  These products include custom intelligence briefings for Peace Corps operatives, academic research for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), educational and inspirational YouTube videos, and other media and materials that align with the OSIRIS Mission Statement and Business Philosophy.

We are willing to explore the provision of new and tailor-made methods/products per individual clients' and partners' needs.  We are open and willing to ally with other groups and individuals who share, to any extent, the OSIRIS Business Philosophy and Mission Statement.  The Team, furthermore, highly values any proposed partnerships that help to foster and promote global security, civil society, and individual sovereignty.



The name Osiris was chosen by company co-founder D.C. Ross and had originally emerged from a thesis concept towards completing his Master of Arts in Homeland Security for American Military University.  Having nothing to do with the Egyptian deity, the concept derived from Ross' work in open source intelligence (OSINT) methods - intelligence products gathered exclusively from carefully evaluated sources available to the public in the form of newspaper press reports, published magazine articles, and scholarly produced manuscripts.

The original concept for OSIRIS was intended to be a global digital platform of aggregated open source materials following a discontinuation of similar services formerly provided by the then United States (US) Open Source Center (OSC), now Open Source Enterprise (OSE).  The proposed new platform would have been labeled as the Open Source Intelligence Reporting Information System (O.S.I.R.I.S.).  Ross would later retain the name Osiris during the formation of the company he had co-founded in 2019.  The six-word meaning behind the name appears on the company's Seal.

OSIRIS is NOT affiliated with the US government, its military, or its intelligence community.  Statements, opinions, and views expressed by OSIRIS do not necessarily represent those of any governmental body.  If you believe you are in immediate danger, you are advised to immediately contact the relevant local authorities.



You can make a difference!

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