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ABULK: A Legal Option for Anadrol Steroids? | OSIRIS Review

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Featured Study showcasing how Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS) destroy men's lives and the winning comeback story of a safe, competition-legal injection-alternative....

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ABULK is a highly-potent, all-natural, steroid-alternative that has been demonstrating success for thousands of health and fitness enthusiasts across the globe. In our review, we analyze how ABULK's scientifically proven ingredients can naturally provide supercharged workouts, faster recovery times, and quality muscle gains, without breaking any laws.


Section I. Table of Contents

Section II. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)


"Since HNL's alternatives are completely natural, they are also legal and free from the damaging and life-long side effects of [Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids] AAS."


Health Nutrition Limited (HNL), a UK-based Global Nutrition Provider, has claimed to have discovered competent natural alternatives to at least nine (09) Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS), only by using the "right combinations of natural ingredients" matched to and compared with the effectiveness and potency of each of the nine drugs--especially Oxymetholone, the most "powerful oral steroid in bodybuilding" (known in the UK as Anapolon and in the US as Adroyd and Anadrol). Since HNL's alternatives are completely natural, they are also legal and free from the damaging and life-long side effects of AAS. HNL released this line of "legal steroid alternatives" under the brand "Brutal Force," and their lead Anadrol-alternative, ABULK, will be the focus of this white paper.


Section III. Theoretical Model


"Men who have thought about or are currently taking Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS) have undergone at least one stage of TTM."


This study presupposes the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) when interpreting the data emerging from the research process. TTM is a leading standard in examining nutritional and behavioral sciences, including both the short- and long-term causes of male aggression based on what they eat, drink, or otherwise ingest into their bodies--both synthetic and natural commodities. This model consists of five Stages of Change: (1) precontemplation, (2) contemplation, (3) preparation, (4) action, and (5) maintenance. Men who have either thought about or are currently taking Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS) have undergone at least one stage of TTM. And this article may be particularly helpful for men in the Contemplation Stage (TTM Stage 2), since these individuals may be more inclined to undertake serious action within the next four weeks, followed by a committed plan of action for a period of at least six months. Time is critical, and this article can be shared with them.

Section IV. Analysis


"This is why nutrition companies from around the world are seeking safer steroid alternatives."


Whereas public opinion typically views steroid-use as "cheating" in personal strength-conditioning, the fact is that steroids are legally prescribed by physicians in the US and other nations, usually after a consultation with the patient, ensuring that the patient comprehends the dangerous side-effects, and before the patient consents to ingesting the life-altering performance-enhancers. But, even after a prescription is authorized for the patient, taking steroids severely limits the user's eligibility to compete in sports; to join the military, intelligence, or law enforcement fields; or even the ability to adequately handle lower-paced jobs without experiencing unpredictable emotional outbursts or episodes of uncontained physical aggression. This is why nutrition companies from around the world are seeking safer steroid alternatives. And it seems that HNL has discovered that "Holy Grail."


Section V. How It Pertains to Global Security



"[H]ostile forces are now considering training their men using this market innovation to alternative-steroid research."


This issue relates to global security, because Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are controlled substances--substances controlled by governments--and, as such, pose a reasonable risk at harming and/or killing large portions of any government's population if left unchecked. Hence, governments intervene in an attempt to hedge the deleterious effects cause by Anadrol and other AAS to aspiring steroid-users. Though performance-enhancers can increase the overall fighting capability of a nation's armed forces, law enforcement, and other security services, synthetic steroids demonstrably destroy their users' long-term reliability to competently function in any professional fighting force. Even if synthetic steroids presented no tangible side-effects such as liver damage or testosterone-production failure, the uncontrollable outbursts of emotional and/or physical aggression ("Roid Rage") makes its users worthless to any fighting force seeking to protect its community and/or homeland.


HNL finding a natural alternative that closely mirrors the benefits of Anadrol, without its devastating side-effects, means that security forces everywhere can pump up, bulk up, and enhance their strength and endurance levels whilst delaying warrior's fatigue and completely without any episodes of Roid Rage. But, the realistic downside is that, since OSIRIS is an industry leader in open source intelligence (OSINT) Research Methodology, hostile intelligence collectors operating on behalf of adversarial forces are increasingly becoming aware of our OSINT findings and are actively monitoring this website every day. This means that everything that you are reading here, the bad guys are also reading, and everything you now know about ABULK, the bad guys also now know. The clock is ticking, and hostile forces are now considering training their men using this market innovation to alternative-steroid research. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Make the right choice. But hurry.


Section VI. How It Pertains to Civil Society



"In other words, it matters less whether a harmful drug should be taken when a harmless alternative with the same results now exists."


This issue relates to civil society, because the concept of controlled substances represents the epitome of a government's capability to control groups of citizens based upon their at-will affiliation with one another. In this case, like-minded enthusiasts who are passionate about participating in competitive sports--athletes, both professional and amateur who often compete in groups or teams--are regulated by the federal government in regard to performance-enhancing drugs that they may desire to ingest. Therefore, some political factions within the US (and other similar movements elsewhere in the world) philosophize that the government should not even have the ability to interfere with groups of individuals who seek to ingest controlled substances upon their own discretion (look out for our forthcoming study on "The Philosophy of Libertarianism" and other related topics). The concern of this white paper is not on the ethics or morality of any citizen-group-response to governmental regulation and control of synthetic substances, including Anadrol. Rather, this paper highlights how the existence of ABULK completely circumvents the issue entirely.


As the law information website Legal Resources states, "Indeed, were steroids not harmful it is likely that every athlete would use them." But now that Brutal Force--a line of harmless, natural, and competent steroid alternatives--has emerged on the market, nearly every athlete CAN use any one of the brand's steroid doppelgangers, including Anadrol 's Brutal Force counterpart: ABULK. With ABULK now on the market, it matters less whether a government ought to ethically control groups of citizens and their consumption of Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS), when now a side-effect-less performance-enhancer denudes the debate in the minds of many athletes. In other words, it matters less whether a harmful drug should be taken when a harmless alternative with the same results now exists. The power of natural ingredients (and the correct combination thereof) showcases how governmental intervention in citizens' performance-enhancer preferences is irrelevant when the citizens choose to live a lifestyle free from controversial synthetic products (and absolutely crushing the competition of groups and teams of synthetic-users while doing it).


Section VII. How It Pertains to Individual Sovereignty



"[A]thletes often feel confronted with a "Catch-22"-- . . . either underperform as a "natty" (natural athlete) or take the undeniable risk of AAS."


This issue relates to individual sovereignty, because, as we presuppose, nothing is more sacred than an individual's personal sovereignty and right over their own body, mind, time, money, career choice, and many more values inherent in and belonging to each and every individual. Individual sovereignty, to us, is a divine-like attribute and quality that we believe is inherent within every human being, regardless of age, appearance, or location in the universe. Discovering what it takes to preserve, at all costs, individual sovereignty and dignity in all matters of life has become our sub-mission of our greatest mission "to foster and promote global security, civil society, and individual sovereignty around the world." Though governments often deprive select individuals of their rights in the name of various "exceptions to the rule," we maintain the tradition of the Athenian Agora--that ancient marketplace and birthplace of democratic-free speech--to foster and promote open debate.


When it comes to Anadrol and ABULK, the debate is clear to us. Anadrol features so many of the same attributes of other Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS), and many other government-controlled substances for that matter, in that the controlled substance seems to offer temporary power, strength, and emotional fortitude. But, the controlled substance always comes with a price. The devasting long-term effects that Anadrol ravages upon the body often include the need for the drug-user to take on additional drugs to counter the side-effects of the initial drug. The crippling life-long consequences of taking Anadrol are so well-documented that athletes often feel confronted with a harsh "Catch-22," a false dichotomy or false dilemma reasoning, that the universe has unfairly presented them with a two-pronged fork in the road--either underperform as a "natty" (natural athlete) or take the undeniable risk of AAS, win a brief career of athletic competitions, then retire early with permanent, chronic, and crippling health issues. No one told them there's a third option.


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Section IX. Disclaimer

The content of this article is intended for informational purposes only. Any reader of this article is expected to accept full responsibility for his/her actions. Neither this site, its publisher, nor any other affiliated party accepts responsibility and/or liability over the actions executed by any reader of this article. By consulting legal, medical, and any and/or all other relevant professionals regarding any topic can lead to any reader executing more-informed decisions. May your information journey never end with OSIRIS....


Section X. About OSIRIS Global Research Initiative (OGRI)

The OSIRIS Global Research Initiative (OGRI) is an independent information agency whose Mission Statement is "to Foster and Promote Global Security, Civil Society, and Individual Sovereignty around the world." To help fulfill this mission, OGRI has launched, a free web platform that publishes easily-accessible, unique, and high-quality open source intelligence (OSINT) products, and other information services, that have been proven useful for security professionals, policy-makers, and their constituents in many languages around the world.


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