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Civil Goals for the Community and Earth

Some people just do things. But philosophy and the "love of wisdom" helps redirect ourselves to something greater than ourselves to better ourselves and help keep us moving in the right direction. We do not wish to give to fear as we collect our data, write our reports, or especially direct others to action-oriented resources - where they could spend an endless amount of energy without having a clear goal.

Philosophy helps give us a framework for what we do so that we are not given to analysis of paralysis nor doomed to ineffectual yet anxiously-driven busyness (which is unproductive and helps nobody).

Our civil goals are a statement of our political philosophy in truncated form, enunciating why we share what we share. As the term plainly implies, these goals are ideals which we hope will radiate into every level of society.

  • Localized-decision-making over centralized-decision-making

  • Rule of law over arbitrary rule

  • History and experience over fear-shaped presentism

  • Cultural stability over constant transformation

  • Varied high life-quality over equality in misery

  • Enlightenmentarianism over utopianism

  • Freedom of vocalized reasoning over technocratic orthodoxy

  • Heuristic science over fanatical science

I was asked to provide more explanation for these goals and their wording in further publications. So, that I will do!

But for now, know that we hope the best for you and that you find the most healthy and functional relationships possible with those around you!

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