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Did Russia Just Activate a Nuclear Dirty Bomb at Chernobyl?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Chernobyl | Uncredited photographer / Avia

IA Analytica--an OSINT company--has reported that the power supply of Russian-controlled Chernobyl has been cut off from the national electrical grid, giving backup generators no more than 48 hours to keep stored nuclear waste from over-heating and spreading nuclear material across southern Ukraine and surrounding NATO nations. If true, then one of the Kremlin's military objectives in Ukraine may have been to launch an "accidental" nuclear attack against NATO. There is still time to resupply power to the cooling units preventing a nuclear disaster, but that time is less than 48 hours as of the publishing of this report.

IA Analytica suggested on their LinkedIn social media platform that US and allied paratroopers could be sent in to secure the cooling of the nuclear rods. However, an overt and tangible presence of NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine could give Moscow the casus belli--a case for war--to initiate kinetic warfare against NATO. If no action is taken to restore power to Chernobyl, then the world may see its first large-scale nuclear catastrophe in history.

It is incumbent upon all government policymakers and military leaders to quickly verify these claims and rapidly respond to the scenario. News about this scenario emerged from the Russian-speaking information agency Avia (cited below). The agency cited Dmitry Kuleba, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, but did not state where or when the head made the Chernobyl announcement. We at OSIRIS are working to verify the above data through open sources and encourage all others to do the same.


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