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How Musk's Move to Own Twitter Pushes Capitalism, Actual Progress

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

OPINION | Actual progressivism is counter to American Progressivism. The cesspool of Twitter is a prime example of that.

Free speech animates ideas & cultural development | Pexels via Pixabay

This week, Elon Musk (whom many compare to Tony Stark of the Marvel superhero franchise) acquired the social media juggernaut, Twitter, for $44 billion - a move which triggered the Left and left many DNC-friendly news media personalities objecting to the private purchase with alarmist tones and affectations.

But how does the Left's claim to "progress" actually measure up culturally, politically, and historically? The Democrat Party is well known for its slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow laws. Almost all Dixiecrat politicians died Democrats. The national socialism and brown shirt tactics of 20th century totalitarians are mirrored closely by today's Democrat media and politicians.

So, what does American "Progressivism" have to add to Twitter - a social media platform to which it has laid more and more exclusive claim with each and every passing year? Conformity? Control? Isolation of those who share an opinion that was culturally acceptable last year but not this year by the DNC? The answer is: all the above.

In other words: nothing.

How is allowing new and old ideas collide useful for the free world? According to an unpublished article by co-founder Daniel Ross, the "Agora" is the rhetorical town square which allows societies to improve upon themselves and others: a notion championed by the ancient Greeks, Western Civilization, and American Conservatives.

In other words: everything.

Societies develop when they can breathe a little. Even the most underdeveloped of cultures on the face of the planet have benefited from the American Experiment and the Agoraic ethos.

Capitalism (known to the Founders as "private property rights," "individual liberty," and "trade") needs free speech platforms in order to succeed. It needs people to not be scared about saying the wrong things, or holding the wrong views, or thinking the wrong way about a product, item, or the direction that their country is heading in.

Forced orthodoxy is not critical thinking. It is not the same thing as heuristically and freely coming to a conclusion. No brain power is necessary. It is simply a shortcut to faith. There is no freedom or free will involved. And the masterminds get to decide what is orthodoxy today and what is not.

Now, does that sounds like progress to you? Does that sound like a culture that is on the move and advancing? Is that a society that you want your kids and grandkids to be a part of?

Just some things to think about... Maybe I'll post it on Twitter someday.

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