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Opinion: Terrorists Attack Airport while Biden Aids the Enemy

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It was revealed on Thursday that U.S. officials have given the Taliban a list of people - by name - that were either helping us in our fight against the enemy or are American supposedly get them past the terrorist-controlled gates in Kabul faster. A defense department official decried the move as sentencing people on that list to death.

On the same day news of the list was announced, ISIS attacked the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul through which refugees are trying to flee.

Drew Angerer / Getty Images via Newsweek

The context is unsettling. Biden for some reason agreed to a "red line" set by the enemy. Since when does the U.S. agree to red lines set by anyone? Aren't we, as the self-restrained superpower on Earth, supposed to be the one setting any red line if one is to be set at all?

And why are we agreeing with the enemy? Aren't they supposed to be the ones on the run, not we who are running with our tails tucked in-between our legs? And if a "tail-tuck" is not what is going on right now, then what do you call "evacuating" under these circumstances?

On Thursday, as the Daily Wire reports, which is five days before the Biden surrender on August 31, terrorist forces conducted two explosive attacks that injured more than 100 Afghans, killed at least 60 Afghans, killed 12 U.S. servicemen, and this well before the Taliban's red line has been met.

What happens after it has been met. If this is their being civil, then what is their being savage?

In a speech Biden gave regarding the attacks, he said,

“I’ve also told my commanders to attack ISIS-K assets. And we will respond with precision, at our time, at a place that we choose, and the moment of our choosing...Here’s what you need to know. These ISIS terrorists will not win.”

Well, it looks like they're winning, Mr. President!

They weren't winning under President Trump! In fact, under Trump they nearly went extinct. The Democrat Party and Democrat allies in the media never even brought up ISIS as a talking point during the campaign season of the 2020 election or during the greater last half of that great president's term - that's how destroyed they were. That's how on their backs they were and out of the game they were!

They weren't a threat to the United States anymore, so Democrats couldn't even use them as a subject with which to attack the Republican President. And that's saying a lot given their willingness to lie and distort to drag their candidates across the finish line (hashtag: Russian collusion, Russian prostitutes, and evil President Trump getting two scoops of ice cream while everybody else only gets know, real epic and important things weighing on the civil society at large!)

Elements of the Democrat-supporting media seem to be having a last straw of this monumental waste of American resources, including time, blood, and treasure - not to mention loss of respect with our allies for decades to come. Obama did not protect Ukraine when we promised to protect them; and Biden did not leave Afghanistan in a regionally secured status like we promised them. This is a terrific blow to our allies and revolutionaries looking to us as an inspiration for civilization and peace in this modern world.

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