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School Choice Allowed for Union Teachers, Banned for Most Families

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Ernesto Eslava / Pixabay

Like how Obama (D) sent his kids to private alternatives for education instead of the Washington D.C. school system and how Virginia candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) sent four out of five of his own children to private alternatives, the teacher's union in one Rhode Island county demonstrates double-standards in school options for American- families.

The Daily Signal reports,

Thanks to an agreement quietly reached between the South Kingstown, Rhode Island, chapter of the National Education Association and the South Kingstown School Department, teachers there now have access to an exclusive school choice program.
Under the formal agreement, teachers who live outside the South Kingstown Public Schools district may send their children to schools there at no additional cost.
Other parents outside the school district, however, cannot do the same for their children.

The ramifications of this are immense.

If school choice, which is effectively what this is, is wicked, nasty, or racist, then why are school officials allowed to participate in it? If it is not racist, et al., then why are the families of the Democrat state not allowed to participate in it?

Obamacare was made optional for members of Congress when that Romney-based plan was foisted on the rest of Americans against their will. Democrat Party officials and Teachers' Union members are playing from the same DNC playbook of treating American citizens as a different class as the governing masterminds.


To support the school choice movement and see how you can get involved to improve the quality of our school systems nationwide, step up to the plate on the Projects page of this site.

Stephen M. Ross has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies; is a commentator on current events, history, futurism, and political philosophy. A published author on the important processes of church development, his pastimes are weightlifting, playing story-based strategy games, and listening to EDM.

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