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Experts Say Tactical Tools Like This Could Be Life-Saving in a War

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We thoroughly researched the affiliate offer on this page. If you click on one of our carefully selected affiliate offers, we may get a commission. If you don't, may you live long and prosper anyway!

Hunters and campers have long-used tactical tools and survival techniques for fun or sport. However, in these darker times of uncertainty, survival tools have become a little more essential for the average citizen.

This is how our friends at Gear Tools describe their 6-in-1 tactical knife, which they created to be reliable for any situation:

"Razor sharp edge & serrated edge with a drop point design tip that will never snap so you can stab, cut, slice, or carve through just about anything such as rubber, hard plastic, soft metals, cured leather, and especially flesh for self-defense or deer hide for the outdoorsman."

The Gear Tools tactical knife is useful in the event of a sinking car or in defending yourself from a physical assailant while using non-lethal force.

"At the base end there’s a seatbelt cutter & glass breaker if you’re ever stuck in your car and need to make a quick escape. The glass breaker doubles as a strike tool so you can defend yourself without using lethal force."

Not only does it come with a fire starter and an LED light, the 6-in-1 tactical knife is absolutely FREE if you click on the button below:

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