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Whistleblower Gets Legally Threatened by Former Employer Media Matters Over Sex Assault Coverup

Criminal front group, Media Matters (as Mark Levin often describes them) threatened former senior writer, Tim Johnson, yesterday with loss of health care and with legal repercussions because of a lengthy Twitter thread revealing, what Johnson alleges, is a history of sexual misconduct coverup at the American Marxist outlet.

The front group in question has stalked America-supporting news and opinion personalities over the years, conducting targeting campaigns of their sponsors among other cancel culture tactics - a general strategy which has proven successful in the past.

Now the Leftist media juggernaut is going after a former employee, because news which he is leaking about the alleged abuse coverup is revealing the hypocrisy of the so-called "progressive" establishment.

As The Post Millennial reports from his Twitter account:

"Not too long later, I learned the truth of why he 'resigned.' He was dismissed because of his sexual misconduct. But only after years of people in authority positions knowing about what he was doing."

An attorney from Media Matters (MMFA) stated to Johnson, "As a result of your actions MMFA has suffered and will continue to suffer reputational injury," and that he has forfeited his rights to any further health insurance payments from the company.

Editorial Note

Imagine if the same thing happened at the Bongino Report or Conservative Review or the Daily Wire? What would the national news reaction be to any sort of shenanigans there? Is the main stream Soros-aligning media balanced?


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